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Ross is a former children’s entertainer and is skilled at orchestrating a large crowd of children, maintaining firm order through the chaos and noise to ensure that every child is engaged and entertained.



“Inspiring and hilarious…amazing!”

NLCS Junior School

“A brilliantly fun author event.”

Mrs SK, Librarian

“If anyone is looking to book an author event for KS2, book Ross – he’s awesome!”

SK, School Librarian

“Ross Welford was fantastic!”

Mr CT, Head teacher

Ross Welford’s unique show has children talking about books long after he finishes the fast-paced and funny one-hour.  And not just the children – parents, librarians and teachers are inspired and amazed as Ross gallops through the history of storytelling from pre-history to the modern-day.  You’ll learn where this top-rated author gets the inspiration for his astonishing stories and embark on a madcap story-creation exercise (with prizes!), discovering the seldom-discussed secrets of successful writing.

As well as being terrifically educational, it’s all splendidly funny, with loads of audience participation and illustrated with slides, cartoons, sound effects plus a generous sprinkling of Ross’s spellbinding magic.

The History of Stories– from cave-paintings to audiobooks.  Why storytelling and reading are the greatest source of magic we have.

Where stories come from– the inspiration behind Ross’s startlingly original books, including some brilliant tips on creating stories of your own.

Lost & Found– the highlight of Ross’s presentation.  A noisy and hilarious improvised story in which YOU come up with all the ideas, with prizes to be won for the best re-written story (no writing materials required – only your imagination!)

The Magic!  Ross has performed magic all his life, and all presentations include funny and baffling book-related illusions involving members of the audience, from the eye-popping Time Travel Rope Magic to a stunning demonstration of mind-reading that leaves audiences gasping is astonishment.

AGES – Ross’s books are loved by children and adults from about the age of eight, with no upper limit.  This talk is especially suitable for KS2 and KS3.



“After your workshop, the children cannot wait to get started on their stories!”

Mrs GW Year 6 teacher

A popular option matches Ross’s lively talk with a writing workshop for smaller numbers, in which he develops the theme of “Writing Is re-writing”.  Students are encouraged to consider creative written pieces as unfinished until they are re-written and given valuable encouragement and suggestions to achieve original, polished stories.  (50 mins.


Ross’s book talks are handled by the publisher, HarperCollins, and by the esteemed agency, Authors Aloud.



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