My new website!

Well, this is it!  It’s a very personal thing, a website, I have discovered.  I am almost as nervous about launching this as I am about a new book.

I suppose it’s the element of “me-ness” about it all.  Is it too much about me, not enough about the books?  What can I say about the books?  Or about me, for that matter.

Is it all just a huge vanity trip?  That’s what I tell myself late at night and I delay announcing the website for another few days while I tinker with it some more.

Yet I am told by people who know about these things that a website that contains a bit about me and more, I hope, about the books I write, is essential these days.  So here it is.  The design and construction of the site were by the brilliant people at Creatomatic in Annan, southwest Scotland.

Do let me know what you think, if you spot any errors and so on.

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