Learning to dance from YouTube

So I figured that next time I go to Jerez I’ll have learned the Sevillanas the regional folk dance which to the untrained eye looks a bit like flamenco.  It’s the same way that the rumba and the cha-cha look similar if, like me, you’ve never done either.  Thing is, the bloke on the video above looks nothing like the men I saw in Jerez.

You see, most men in the casetas who dance with the ladies in the fabulous dresses dance the Sevillanas with the same expertise as I dance the waltz.  That is, they know the basic moves and can get around without actually stepping on anyone’s toes or making an utter prat of themselves, but doing the full monty like the guy above?  It would probably clear the floor and get applause.  Or it might even be considered a little mariquita (a wonderful word meaning ‘a bit gay’).

Neither is my ambition.  I simply want to know the basic turns and crosses.  So far as I can tell, the rest is about smiling, laughing and pretending to have the hots for your partner, be she nineteen or 90IMG_6422IMG_0593

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