Ross’s second book was published in December 2016.  It’s a funny and gripping tale of a 12 year-old girl, Ethel, who accidentally stumbles upon the secret of invisibility while seeking a cure for her acne.

You’d think it would be fun, being invisible.  But Ethel is soon thrown into a heart-stopping adventure when she discovers that she is not actually who she thought she was

With a lively supporting cast including a centenarian great-grandmother and a pair of teenage twin villains, Invisible provides thrills and laughs with an emotional core that will appeal to readers of both sexes and all ages.

What Not To Do If You Turn Invisible It is published in the UK by Harper Collins

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Readers in the US may order from Amazon (US).  It is published in the US by Schwartz & Wade (Penguin Random House).


'This will be a great book for boys and girls from about 10 upwards. And for those of us adults who still enjoy reading any book with a good story whatever age it was meant for...' Jane E Skudder, Waterstones

What not to do if you turn invisible

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