We travelled 400 years…and only have 24 hours to get home.

The year is 2425. Centuries after a catastrophic meteor collision, nature has retaken the earth. In a small town in what was once England, young Ocean Mooney and the monkey-owning Duke Smiff have just dug up a 400 year-old tablet computer.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Thomas Reeve and his genius cousin Kylie create the Time Tablet – a device which they hope will allow them to communicate with the future.

But when the Time Tablet malfunctions live on television, Thomas and Kylie are sucked into the year 2425 – and have only 24 hours to return home, and save the future of humanity…


"Extremely clever and totally engaging”

The Irish Times

"Intelligent, well crafted and impressive”

Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times

"A wonderful story"

Kiran Millwood Hargrave


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