The whole world was heading for war when Manny Weaver and I went through a ‘grey hole’ to another world.

Till then, I didn’t believe in magic. Fairies, witches, magic spells, strange lands with talking animals, monsters with three heads and potions to turn you into a giant?

Even when I was very little, I knew all that stuff wasn’t real. Then I encountered Manny, and the strange animal we called a ‘cog’, and the brother who I’d never met because he died before I was born. I rode through a lightning storm on a flying jet ski, and lived in a World Without War.

And so now, if you ask me if I believe in magic? Let’s just say I’m not so sure.


"Welford’s time-shift novels combine complex concepts with emotional heft and this tugs at the heartstrings as it asks timely questions.

Daily Mail


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